You can search our image database by either using the search field or clicking on keywords that appear in search results. All our images are IPTC keyworded so you can search by name (e.g Tiger, Barn Owl), location (e.g Svalbard, Masai Mara) or description (e.g action, running, atmospheric). The most results will always come from using the subject name as the keyword. The results will then be displayed with the most recently shot images first, thus ensuring that you always see the latest material.

Your search results will be displayed as thumbnails. To see a larger image, and captions, simply roll your mouse over the thumbnail and a window will appear. It is very important that you do this from RIGHT to LEFT, otherwise you will not be able to roll-over some of the images. The roll-over window shows some basic image info and the following two options:

 Zoom displays a 700 pixel wide watermarked image on the screen
Add to Scratchpad allows you to quickly save favourite images from a search


The scratchpad allows you to quickly save images that you like as you look through search results. It’s a very quick and convenient tool, one that you will come to really love. The contents of the scratchpad are displayed on the right hand pane; you can add or remove images at will. The scratchpad will remain active across multiple searches too. When you are happy with the contents of the scratchpad then you simply save the contents as a lightbox.

Please note that the contents of the scratchpad are temporary, when you logout out the scratchpad will be emptied.

& Image Download

A lightbox is a permanent form of the scratchpad and is used to let us know which images you want to use; you can send it to us or download the images within it as non-watermarked 1024 pixel proofs (with prior permission). Lightboxes are retained when you logout and are only deleted by our system after 30 days; you can modify them at any time.

When you click on a lightbox to display its contents you will see the following icons:

This is the Add to Scratchpad option and is used when you want to add images to a previously saved lightbox. By default if you try to add images to a lightbox then the existing lightbox contents will be over written. So simply choose this Add to Scratchpad option to add the existing lightbox contents to the Scratchpad. Then do your new searches, add the images to the scratchpad and when you have finished save the scratchpad to the existing lightbox. Simple!

This option allows you to send us an email with the lightbox contents, together with some notes about why you need the images. We can then clear rights ( to ensure that there are no existing licenses ) and contact you about sending high res images and payment details.

If you are a regular user of our website then you will be able to download non-watermarked 1024 pixel images which you can use for layout purposes. Simply click this icon and you immediately get a download link for a zip file containing the images.

If you are not a regular user of our website then the download images icon will be blanked out as shown. If you click on the icon you will be able to request that we verify your account to allow you to download these images.

That’s it, all very easy and we hope that you find what you need!